Seats for Two, Please

We are pretty sure this pregnancy is our Grand Finale.  With that in mind, I struggled on what to do about car seats.  What brand works best with twins? What do to about the car seat I already have?

I actually took a Facebook poll on which car seat works best for twins.  (It’s surprising how many people I really know who have multiples.  Who knew?)  The consensus of the poll was….you pick.  Everyone had a different favorite for a different reason.  I chose to stick with Graco Snugride because that’s what I’ve had and that’s what I like.

My car seat still has time left before expiration and I borrowed another car seat from a relative.  I knew the car seat was accident-free but the cover was PINK.  That was not going to work with my boys!  did you know you can purchase replacement car seat covers from Graco!?  See here for yourself!  Unfortunately, Graco was unable to help me with a cover, especially one that matched the discontinued cover pattern I already had.  Thankfully, there is also EBay!  Just search ‘Snugride Car Seat Cover Replacement.’  How did moms ever function without the internet!!  I was very impressed with my double car seat results.


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